What’s That Wednesday

It’s time for What’s That Wednesday taste test for October.  We will have Tajin for the students to try next Wednesday, October 30, 2019. Browse the October Newsletter about the unique spice blend and its origin.

So you’re probably wondering what tajin (tah-heen) is,      
what it tastes like and most importantly how you eat it.
Tajin is a spice blend that has simple ingredients and
nothing artificial in it. Chili scares most of us, but this is
not very spicy at all. The warmth from the chili, the zing
from the lime and the freshness of the fruit/veg balance
each other out. Tajin was developed in Mexico and is
commonly eaten with fresh fruit and vegetables but can
pretty much be eaten with anything. With the very low
calorie/sodium contribution it is a great way to get kids
to eat more fruits and veggies. So be brave and give it a

Spring Art & Music Show–Cancelled

Save the Date for an evening of fabulous art display and music by students.
Students mat and framed artwork will be available for purchase.
Cash only at $25, pre-order of mat and frame are welcome by March 27th.


School Advisory Council Meeting

Monday January 13, 2020

3:30 P.M. in the school Media Center

All parents, community members and staff are encouraged to attend.