Media Center

Media Specialist: Karen Reece

readwhiteblueStephens Elementary Media Center houses some 12,000 items (over 6,000 of which are Accelerated Reader titles),  magazines, and computer workstations equipped with electronic card catalog, Accelerated Reader, online encyclopedia, and Internet access. If you have any questions about the media center you can contact Mrs. Rita Himebrook at 534-7455.

Classes are fixed with students coming for a 25 minute weekly checkout. Students may check out 2 books at a time. Any books that are lost or damaged are expected to be paid for.

Accelerated Reader is used in all grades (K-5). It’s a reading management program designed to help students improve their reading skills.  Click here for a copy of our AR Brochure.

Students take a placement test (STAR) providing a reading level range. This point range indicates a level at which a student can read independently. Students choose books within that range and take short, multiple choice computerized tests. Points are awarded for correct answers. Each nine weeks students spend their earned points for prizes in our AR store.

Teachers periodically send home AR progress reports.

Parents can help their children by: