Media Center

Media Specialist: Karen Reece


Welcome to Stephens Elementary Media Center. Reading is one of the most important skills that students will learn in school. Parents can help their children by:

Encouraging them to read, setting aside time to read together and reading to their children. If you need any assistance, please contact our media specialist, Mrs. Karen Reece at (863) 534-7455.

Our reading incentive program is Accelerated Reader (AR). Students take a placement test (STAR) providing a reading level range. Students choose books within their range and take computerized quizzes. Points are assigned for each quiz that is passed. Each nine weeks students will receive point club incentives (AR Brochure).

Parents can sign up for Home Connect which allows them to see their student’s quiz results in real time. The link below will allow you to sign up for Home Connect. The user name is your student’s id # and the password is their birth month (2 digit) and day (2 digit).