Accelerated Reader Program

ARAccelerated Reader is an individualized computer based program in which students read books on their level, take tests on the computer, earn points and receive rewards throughout the year. The STAR reading test is given at intervals throughout the year to match students with the appropriate level of books.

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All classroom teachers have a laptop computer running Windows 10, a mounted projector and SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Each teacher has access to the following: an electronic grade book, the Internet, an online card catalog for the library, STAR, Accelerated Reader, and Math Facts in a Flash reports, email, and Office 2016 and many other tools and resources.

LabAll classrooms have computers available for student use. They are used for STAR testing, Accelerated Reader, and other programs.  Students are also able to access FCAT Explorer and the library card catalog. Each classroom has access to the Internet and many other online resources.

The computer lab consists of thirty Dell computers running Windows 10. Most grade levels use the lab weekly. The lab is also used for teacher training. It has access to the Internet, Office 2016, STAR, Accelerated Reader, and other programs.